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high-temperature corrosion inhibitor


high-temperature corrosion inhibitor

Features and Applications

Reduce corrosion on the pipelines, heat exchangers from VGO naphthenic acids, active sulfur, etc. 

Significantly slow corrosion from sulfur, acid and form a stable surface, dense chemical film to prevent corrosion of  metal pipes,container and equipment.

Stability under high temperature and not decompose below 400 ℃

No metal harmful to the catalyst, no effect on downstream products and processing

Process is mainly used for vacuum tower lateral line system

in oil refining process


It is best for the equipment corrosion to add the high temperature corrosion to multi-point injection nearby. Dosing point is usually at return line of second and third line of vacuum tower.

The film-forming period is five days in the first use, during this period the dosage is 80-150ppm, normal dosage is about 20-80ppm (based on material flow of dosing point line )

 Dilute to 5-10 times before adding devices. It is best to use  organic solvent to dilute like gasoline and diesel.Solvent diluted before use can make high-temperature corrosion spread out in crude oil quickly, good at its function.

Packaging and Storage

Plastic barrel, 25kg per barrel or customization. Store in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, to avoid freezing.

Security and Protection

labor protection during operation, should avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush immediately with plenty of water. In severe cases, immediate medical attention.