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Crude oil demulsifier/emulsion breaker

Crude oil demulsifier

Features and Applications

Is a broad-spectrum oil soluble demulsifier.

It can reduce the oil in thedesalting drainage, electric desalting the oil-water emulsion layer thickness of electric desalting and water content of the oil after removal.

Good removal performance of the solid impurities, thus good dispel effect to the emulsion due to solid impurities.

 Mainly used for desalting, condensate system, catchment pipeline and deoiling of sewage ect.


To ensure the effect of demulsification,use metering pump continuously to inject into system, usually dosing point at  upstream of the oil phase stream

Dosage depends on the degree of emulsification and operating conditions, and is usually 10-200ppm.

The demulsifier should not be mixed with other chemicals unless compatibility verified by our technicians

Packaging and Storage

Plastic barrel, 25kg per barrel or customization.Store in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, to avoid freezing.

Security and Protection】

Oil-soluble demulsifier, and a slight smell, no obvious skin irritation, skin contact, rinse with water.