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Desulfurizer/H2S scavenger


Features and Applications

It can effectively reduce the sulfur content, with high activity and desulfurization.

This product and desulfurization product does not enter subsequent  process, no negative impact on product quality.

It can reduce corrosion to the  subsequent device and catalyst poisoning caused by sulfur.

Mainly used for sulfur removal in oil refineries and dry gas, liquefied petroleum gas and oil, natural gas.


The desulfurizer is added before the original pump inlet,can desulfurize directly mixing with sour crude, dosage depends on sulfur content,Recommended dosage to high-sulfur crude oil is  3 ~ 7 ‰

Packaging and Storage

◎ Plastic barrel, 25kg per barrel or customization.Store in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, to avoid freezing.

Security and Protection

Desulfurization agent is strongly alkaline, noted during labor protection, should avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with plenty of water. In severe cases, immediate medical attention.