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Anti-fouling and scale inhibitor


Features and Applications

Reduce fouling of heat exchanger

Inhibit polymer fouling caused by free radical , reduce product loss, extended operating cycle, reduce the pressure differential.

Having a polymerization function, can prevent the olefins, diolefins,  gum and other organic macromolecular compound condensation in the raw material.

Increase heat exchangers and other process equipment efficiency and avoid unplanned shut down due to heat exchanger efficiency decreases, to make sure the equipment balant, safe and long-term operation

Metal-free, non-toxic catalyst effect, no adverse effects on subsequent processing

Mainly used for ethylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, acrylonitrile and other catalytic slurry, hydrocracking, hydrotreating and other systems


Antifouling agents are added directly without dilution, if necessary, can also be diluted by diesel or aromatics to the appropriate concentration. Dosing point should be at low-temperature parts of upstream of the heat exchanger such as outlet or inlet pump line of feed pump. Dosage is usually 60-250ppm

Package and storage

Plastic barrel, 25kg per barrel or customization.Store in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, not to go near open flames.

Security and Protection

 labor protection when operation, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush immediately with plenty of water. In severe cases, immediately see doctor . In the event of a fire phenomenon, put out fire with 1211, dry powder, foam, CO2 and other fire extinguisher and yellow sand, not water.