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Diesel antiwear agent


Diesel antiwear agent

Features and Applications

It can increase engine life and protect fuel tanks and pipelines from corrosion, and does not affect the nozzle clean.

Does not affect the other characteristics of diesel, diesel fuel does not interact with other additives in the diesel processing .

Mainly used to improve the lubricity of low sulfur diesel and reduce engine wear.



Adding diesel antiwear agent before mixing diesel.When it is used, anti-wear agents can be added to cycling oil pipeline of   oil storage tanks. In order to achieve a good reconcile effect, diesel temperature should be maintained above 10 ℃, the dosage is advised at 25-300ppm (optimum addition ratio determined by experiment).

Packaging and Storage

200 liter drum or customization. Should be stored in a cool dry place, away from heat, sealed, to prevent mixing of water and impurities, ventilation and cooling in the summer.

Security and Protection

labor protection when operation, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush immediately with plenty of water. In severe cases, immediately see doctor . In the event of a fire phenomenon, put out fire with 1211, dry powder, foam, CO2 and other fire extinguisher and yellow sand, not water.