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Diesel Oil Pour Point Depressant


Property and Application

1. It can significantly reduce the solidifying point and cold filtration point of diesel oil, which can effectively improve the low temperature performance and be easy to store, transport and use for diesel oil.

2. It can significantly increase production of diesel oil and improve its product quality, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. It is mainly used in oil refinery and oil company for diesel oil blending.

Method of Application

1. Diesel oil pour point depressant is usually added 0.5 ~ 1.5into diesel oil, which can reduce condensation point 10 to 20 units and reduce cold filter plugging point 5 to 13 units. The use effect is closely related to the sensitivity and selectivity of oil, so before using this product, you should do first test production samples to determine the optimum adding amount.

2. Must be sure mixed with diesel oil uniformly and adequately. It can be

mixed with diesel oil pro rata 16 to get a mother liquor. Then put this  mother liquor into diesel oil abundant so that we can get homogeneous oil.

Package and Storage

Under normal conditions, using 200 litres of iron drum packaging, it also can be according to customer requirements packaging. Storage, transportation away from fire and heat source, prevent sun, sunlight and prevent the water. To prevent collisions, stored in a cool, ventilated place.

Safety and Protection

Pay attention to protection, you should avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact it with skin and eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately. Severe cases, seek medical advice immediately. If fire occur, you can use 1211, dry powder, foam, CO2 fire extinguisher and yellow sand to put out a fire and do not put out the fire with water.