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XY-5000 Carboxylate-Sulfonate copolymer


XY-5000 Carboxylate-Sulfonate copolymer


XY-5000 is a superior scale inhibitor and dispersant. It has good inhibition for silica and magnesium silicate when used in recirculation cooling circuits and boilers. It is a superior phosphate scale inhibitor for dry or hydrated ferric oxide. Acting as rust inhibitor, XY-5000 can also be used in systems like industrial RO, pools and fountains etc


AppearanceAmber liquid
Solid content %44.5-45.5
Density (20℃)g/cm31.15-1.25
pH(1% water solution)2.5 – 4.0


When used alone, the dosage of 15-30mg/L. When used as dispersant in other fields, the dosage should be determined by experiment.

Package and Storage:

Normally in 25kg or 250kg net plastic drum. Storage for 10 months in room shady and dry place.


Weak acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush with water.