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Membrane Element ESPA1-4040

 ESPA1-4040 membrane element that blends high productivity (2,600 gpd) and high rejection (99.3%). This membrane element is often used to treat municipal tap water. 

Hydranautics offers a complete line of energy saving polyamide ESPA reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements for a wide range of water treatment applications, including: the treatment of well, surface or wastewater with high salt rejection requirements, high purity industrial applications, and seawater desalination plant. 

Energy Saving ESPA elements are available in both 4-inch and 8-inch diameters by 40-inc long spiral wound configurations for many water treatment applications. 

ESPA's un-parallel performance characteristics can provide a significant cost savings due to the lower operating pressures required, while still providing optimal flow as well as high salt & boron rejections.