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Water-Base(Thermal Washing) Paraffin Remover and Inhibitor QFL2850



QFL2850 is a water-base product compounded with paraffin crystallite modifier and several of surfactants.It possesses excellent cleaning and dispersive capacity .It applies to oil wells with high-content paraffin,thermal washing to remove paraffin and paraffin control for pipeline .

Technical Specification






Soluble in water and dispersing in oil



Paraffin cleaning rate(70)



1.May use tank truck to make 2~5thermal washing active water.Add QFL2850 firslty,inject in hot water with over 60and stir it.Inject lotion into annulus space in reverse circulation way.

2.Thermal washing dosage is 3-5 times of pitshaft.After washing,lotion in annulus space still have the effect of paraffin control and no need replacing.

3.For serious paraffin,it should stop pumping oil.Scrape paraffin by machines firslty.After it,start to pump,then wash the well or add the product of paraffin control.

Packaging and Storage

Plastic drums, 200L/ drum or customization

Store in cool and dry place.Shelf life:24 months

Safety and Protection

Operation should pay attention to labor protection. Avoid  contacting  with skins and eyes.If contactig, immediatly flush it with plenty of water.