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Filter Materials Cleaning Agent LX2711


LX2711 is compouded with several surfactants.It can remove rusts and inorganic scales and possess some oxidability.LX2711 have excellent permeating and stripping performances for slime of silica sands,ceramics and walnut shells.It can change contaminant state and remove it from filter materials.It also can be used to clean oil on oil sands,metal parts and other industrial products.Removal rate reaches to more than 90%.

Technical Specification




Colorless to light yellow liquid



Fire point


Removing oil rate5%60℃)



LX2711 is for filter and filter materials cleaning in sewage treatment.Dosage depends on spot,contaminant nature and level,polluted area,specific applications and conditions.

Packaging and Storage

Plastic drums, 25kg or 200L/ drum or customization.Lightly loading and discharging during transportation

Store in cool and dry place.

Safety and Protection

1.Operation should pay attention to labor protection. Avoid  contacting  with skins and eyes.If contactig, immediatly flush it with plenty of water.

2.It gets frozen or thickened under freezing point or at cold region.Performance doesn’t change.

3.Performance is not affected if precipitation is seperated out while storing.Stir it enough before using.