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Oil soluble high temperature corrosion inhibitor


Oil soluble high temperature corrosion inhibitorYTH2688

 I. Introduction

This product is a new generation of oil-soluble high temperature corrosion inhibitor on the basis of corrosion mechanism under high temperature.It can directly protect the corrosion site to form a solid chemical protective film (completely different from the low temperature corrosion inhibitor Of the physical protective film), effectively slow down the corrosive media on the system equipment and pipeline, in the larger pH range and higher temperature conditions (160-240 ), provide good protection to carbon stell .Good protection for corrosion of HCl, H2S, CO2, organic acids, SOX and HCN Role, suitable for oil wells, gas wells and oil and gas gathering pipeline.






Brown red to brown liquid


Oil-soluble water dispersion




can inject the pipeline system or directly into the gas well casing with metering pump. The dosage is related to various operating conditions, including the type of corrosion medium, concentration, pH, temperature and other operating conditions  and the system material, usually dosage 50-200ppm.

IV.Package and storage

Plastic drum, 25kg / drum or customization; stored in a cool dry place



Operation should pay attention to labor protection, should avoid contact with the skin, eyes, contact with water