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Sludge cleaning agent QX1002


Sludge cleaning agent  QX1002

 一、 Usage

This product is a concentrated cleaning agent,must be used with the water when useing, the highest proportion is 1:10, that is 1 kg of cleaning agent can be diluted into 10 kg diluent. Tasteless, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive no damage to the skin, safe and harmless to all surface, good oil and water demulsification effect, when it is static, oil and water layer





Light yellow liquid



Burning point

Not flammable


Not volatile

III. Usage

According to the composition of dirt, dirt residue, cleanliness requirements, cleaning methods, drying methods, and online experiments to determine the use of temperature, the use of ratio, cleaning time and other process parameters.3% -8% of the proportion of dilution with water,cleaning oil sludge or soaking oil equipment in the temperature of 30-70.

IV. Package and storage

Plastic drums, 25kg / drum or customization,  light load and unload during transporation, stored in a ventilated and dry place.

V. Safe and protection

1. Operation to pay attention to labor protection, the skin can not be long-term exposure, such as splashing into the eyes, please rinse with water.

2. Cold areas and the freezing point of the following storage may cause the goods to freeze or thicken, but the same performance.

3. Storage, if the precipitate precipitation, does not affect product performance, please stir before use.