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Oxygen Scavenger OC6988

Oxygen Scavenger OC6988

Feature and Use: 

1.Qualified by NSF,food grade,safe and reliable.

2.Apply to customers system qualified by FDA.

3.Good passivation effect on metal surface of feed water and condensation system.

4.No hydrazine and hydrazine derivatives.

5.Inorganic oxygen scavenger,no solid residue for boiler system.

6.Widely used in any pressure system of food grade boiler.

Technical Specification

Appearance : Colorless to light yellow liquid

pH: 7.0-9.0

Density(21℃ g/m3): 1.0-1.2

Treatment and Dosage

Inject it in water storage tank of deaerator and water supply pipelines.Dosage depends on dissolved oxygen content in feed water .Our technicians will guide you the dosage and injection place on your specific system conditions.

OC6988 can be diluted to use.Please dilute it with high dose of condensate water,softened water and oxygen-free water in any ratio.It can also be mixed with neutralizing amine in a mixing tank.Avoid exposure to air when dissolved.

Storage and Package

Store in cool and dry warehouse.Shelf life:6-12months.

Plastic drum packing,25kgs or 200kgs per drum or according to customer’s request.

Safety Protection

Please wear labor protection when handling.Avoid contact with eyes.If entering it, rinse eyes in large amount of water immediately and seek medical treatment.