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Desalination Antiscalant SF40



Inhibit inorganic deposit formation in multi-stage flash evaporator or multi-effect distillation units.

Allow reduction or elimination of acid feeding.

Reduce acid cleaning cycles.

Increase thermal efficiency.

Be cost-effective in use.

Description and Use

SF40 is a specially formulated antiscalant product, containing speciality ingredients can effectively increase the solubilities of dissolved salts. Any crystals that form are dispersed so that adherent sales cannot form on heat transfer surfaces in the evaporator. SF40 is a multi-component blend, providing superior protection against calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide and other inorganic scales.

Typical Applications

The SF40 may be used in multistage flash evaporators or multi-effect distillation units de-pending on product choice. The product is particularly effective in temperatures above 95°C which is normally problematic for magnesium hydroxide scale and also for calcium sulphate scale above

Treatment and Feeding Requirements

For most systems the dosage will be 5-10ppm.

In MSF systems, SF40 should be fed to the feedwater upstream of the heat recovery section and in the feedwater line downstream of the con-denser unit in MED systems.

Environmental Information

SF40 is environmentally safe.

Packaging Information

25Kg plastic drum or according to client’s request.