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Desalination Antiscalant ED38



Maximizes thermal efficiency of Multiple Effect Distillation systems

Provides excellent CACO3 inhibition

Reduces or eliminates acid cleaning

ED38 was specifically developed for Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) plants. While ED38 is effective in dispersing a variety of scale-forming compounds. It has been shown to be far more effective in controlling CaCO3 than traditional antiscalants, including those based on polymaleic acid polymers and copolymers. ED38 is stable in chlorinated systems.

Treatment and Feeding Requirements

For most MED/MSF systems the dos-age is in the range of 3 to 6 mg/L. In MED systems, ED38 should be fed to the feedwater line, downstream of the condenser outlet. In MSF systems, ED38 should be fed to the feedwater line, upstream of the heat recovery section. Continuous feed is recommended for optimum performance.

General Properties




Yellow, Liquid

Density at  21°C  , g/cm3


Flash Point (closed cup)


Freeze Point 

-7(°C )


 > 12.0


100% in water

Viscosity (21°C)


Environmental Information

ED38 is environmentally safe.

Packaging Information

25Kg plastic drum or according to client’s request.