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Paper-making biocide BC-702


Broad spectrum high efficient biocide.

Water base, non-foaming,good soluble in water, easy to use.

Low toxicity, tiny effective to environment.



Broad spectrum high efficient biocide

Water base, non-foaming

good soluble in water, easy to use.

Low toxicity, tiny effective to environment

Products Explanation

XYBC-702 is a kind of low consumption, high efficient, pollution free and broad spectrum blended biocide. It is compatible with all anticorrosion and deposit control formula. It has synergia effect combined with halogen biocide. I t doesn’t contain Copper and iron stabilizer.

XYBC-702 has strong eliminating and inhibiting effect to all kinds of microbes including aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae in the pulp and water. Compared With the single formula microbicides, metabolism inhibitors and surfactant of XYBC-702 take effect together. That makes fast microbial control with low consumption. The mixture of the active ingredients limits the increase of the number of microbial resistance to drugs. That reduces the needs of changing chemicals to maintain the effectiveness.

Products Application

Dosage: Generally, 150-400g for each ton bone-dry paper, 2-4 g for each cubic meter plain boiled water. The specific dosage should be determined according to the content of bacteria tested by laboratory and craft situation. According to the different pulping process, continuous adding or intermittent adding (one time every 3-4 hours) is ok.

Dosage Point: ingredients pool, copy before pool, blunt slurry tank, and plain boiled water pool etc in the process of papermaking.


25kg or 200kg per barrel,  according to customer’s requirement.


Quality guarantee period is 12 months, indoors avoid light, prevent freezing.


XYBC-702 is a kind of corrosive chemicals. It should avoid being touched by people’s eyes. Once touched, it should be immediately washed away with plenty of clear water. Don’t touch it with skins for a long time. Should wear protective glasses and acid-proof gloves when Operating.