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Resin obstacles control agent PC–301


Decrease yield loss and power off times caused by cleaning sediment.

Decrease yield loss and decollation caused by organic sediments.

Improve the paper quality.

Allow higher paper-manufacturing temperature.


Resin obstacles control agent XYPC–301


decrease yield loss and power off times caused by cleaning sediment

decrease yield loss and decollation caused by organic sediments

improve the paper quality

allow higher paper-manufacturing temperature

【Products Explanation】

XYPC - 301 is a nonionic liquid substance. It can surround resin and other hydrophobic pollutant in the system to effectively control the sediments. Because it has nonionic and detergent properties and it is an organic composition, it can be high effective in all kinds of environment, even in sensitive area where the other traditional sediment control agent cannot be used, it can also be high effective.

XYPC - 301 controls the viscose and the resin by debonding. viscose substances of the waste  (e.g., acetate, styrenebutadiene rubber, acrylic, etc.)can flow out of the system with the paper web and sewage. So it won’t stick on the net or carpet. Also,resin from merchandise plasma or pulp mill stably flow out of system and don’t gather into a larger group or stick on the net or carpet.

XYPC - 301 as an important component in the organic sediment control procedures is usually used to eliminate the sticky of organics in the pulp feeding system. The final retention time is very important. Because it can ensure a better effect to keep the products retained in the closed system.

【Product Basic Properties】

Appearance-            colorless or light yellow

Flashing Point-         90 oC

Frozen point--          0 oC

PH Value-             6~8

specific gravity (21 oC)-  1~1.05

viscosity(21 oC)-        2300cps

【Products Application】

XYPC - 301 is usually continuously directly added in the front of the place where the sediments form. In order to gain a better control effect, it should be usually added in some different dosing points.

Typical dosage:


For resin control: 0.7 ~ 1.5 kg for each ton oven dry stock 

For viscose control: 1.5 ~ 2.5 kg for each ton oven dry stock.

It also depends on the problem severity.

The dosage and adding point of XYPC - 301 should be decided according to the content and properties of resin and viscose in the system. It can be added after beating. For the waste paper deinking pulp, it is usually added into the hot dispersing (bleaching) system. For wood pulp, it can also be added into aquapulper. Used together with cleaner can get better effect. We will help you to choose the right dosing point and dosage.


25 kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel, or according to the customer’s requirement.


The quality guarantee period is 12 months. Stored indoor avoid light and freezing.