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Non phosphate R.O Antiscalant
This product is highly effective liquid RO antiscalant developed to control scale precipitates and reduce particulate fouling within membrane separation systems.
It is NON phosphate prescription.
It can be used in reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF) and ultra-filtration (UF) system.
It is compatible with all of the leading RO membranes.
It can extend the membrane life and reduce the running cost.
Technical Specification
1 Appearance :             Light Yellow, Liquid
2 Density, g/cm3:         1.20±0.05
3 Viscosity (cps 25°C) :11
4 Freeze Point (°C ):      -10
5 PH (5%)  :                  2.5±0. 5
6 Storage Temperature: (°C ) >0

1.Effectively controls scales including CaCO3, CaSO4, SrSO4, BaSO4, CaF2, SiO2, Fe2O3, etc.
2.There is not scale in the system while LSI up to +3.0.
3. Maintain the membrane surfaces clean by dispersing particulate fouling.
4. Effective PH value range of the feedwater is 5-9.
5.May be fed neat or diluted, compatible with coagulant MP150.
6.Good resistance to aluminum and iron oxides.